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Policies of EU countries for skid resistance / rolling resistance / noise emission

For the three parameters skid resistance, rolling resistance and noise emissions different scales of standardization and harmonisation exist throughout Europe. The aim of WP1 is to gather information on “how it is done today” in Europe and to give recommendations for future harmonised EU policies for skid resistance, rolling resistance and noise emissions. What policies are implemented today, and to what extent? How could the way to a European harmonisation look like?

Task 1.1 reviews regulations, standardization efforts and measurement techniques of skid resistance and existing research work about the safety implications of skid resistance.

Task 1.2 summarizes and reviews the different measurement methods with the focus on rolling resistance of truck tyres and passenger car tyres on real existing road surfaces and summarizes the results of previous research work in this field.

Task 1.3 reviews the current and prospective methods for the evaluation of road noise emission, for the noise classification and assessment of road surface along with existing standardised measurement methods.

WP1 has finished its work in July 2009 and has produced the following documents: